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We’re a small, artisan distillery focused on fruit-based brandies, rye whiskey, and dutch-style gins. Started by two brothers-in-law, we're driven to produce authentic spirits, inspired by European and early American tradition, that use the best ingredients we can find growing near us.


For our seasonal brandies, we use heirloom fruit from our own orchard in western Maryland, and we also purchase fruit from Maryland and Pennsylvania farms (the longest distance the fruit travels is about 120 miles). We only use whole fruit, and all our fruit is fermented naturally using only the ambient yeasts on the skins of the fruit. 

For our whiskeys and gins, we source all our grains from Maryland farms – rye and spelt come from Migrash Farm outside of Baltimore, and the malted barley comes from Amber Fields Malting outside of Frederick. We mash, ferment, and double pot-distill (and age) all our grain spirits in our humble distillery in Hyattsville, MD.


You can read (or listen to) a little about us here, here, and here. And if you're interested in our efforts to rehabilitate an abandoned orchard in western Maryland, and about our philosophy on fruit-growing in general, here's a great interview. We’re always happy to chat more about our spirits, or our orcharding adventures, so come visit us at our tasting room in Hyattsville, send us an email, or follow us on social media.

-Jeff and Nate

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